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People who want luxury experience in the car riding business. After the pandemic, Uber generated the main chunk of its revenue from the delivery business. Lyft app promise that all the drivers are highly skilled and trained professionals. All the drivers go through extensive background checks before being appointed.

Just six months later, Uber counted 6,000 users and 20,000 completed rides. Give your customers a customized uber like app with all on-demand features, providing seamless access to a wide range of services. This framework enables creating a back-end with JavaScript. Its lightweight architecture will help you build performative server-side rendering and effortless integration with mobile applications. Uber’s product team enabled the riders with the ability to choose the spot for picking up.

Uber for X – Uber for Services Other Than Ride-Sharing

Same way, at first in the driver’s app, the registration process is taken care of, followed by the booking flow, then the category pricing. Likewise, in the rider’s app, it starts with registration, how to make an app like uber search options, booking flow, estimated payment calculation, and the payment process. The cost to build an Uber-like app may range from $57,000 – $114,000 for one or two platforms.

how to make an uber like app

This segment represents different versions of the Uber business model to solve various challenges of daily life, beyond hailing cabs. High-Tech is a dynamic industry, so we create a powerful back-end architecture during security software development. Owlab knows how important security is, which is why we follow the software security development lifecycle. That’s sufficient time for us to craft excellence for your mobile app ideas. Leverage the expertise in Uber clone app development to facilitate all user segments with a potential app. Save your customers from the hassle of waiting in line for a car wash by offering them to schedule it on a car wash services app.

Step 5: Further development and growth

As the name itself applies, through this app you can get on-demand fuel in events of emergencies and otherwise. Needless to say, a demand fuel delivery app provides a lot of opportunities for users as well as businesses. If you want to get into this profitable market, you can get an app like Uber through fuel delivery app development solutions. Now, this is quite a step up from the conventional method of getting a taxi. This is also one of the reasons behind the taxi booking Uber-like app’s popularity.

Choose a single version or simultaneously create iOS and Android apps. The taxi driver app allows drivers to manage their daily earnings, see pending payments, and gain valuable information about their performance. Consumer Apps help in using the web in new ways to get the best out of the services of your brand. Sometimes they even make available to the general public technology that was previously solely targeted for sophisticated users.

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An owner of a self-owned vehicle is required to supply the firm with all vehicle information, such as vehicle identification numbers , car type, and insurance information. All of these facts are included in the vehicle management systems. Rich Push will change your app’s alerts into something more aligned to social media posts, rather than merely text messaging or phone calls.

how to make an uber like app

Alternatively, you could opt for payment gateway providers that offer PCI compliance solutions such as Braintree or Stripe. Admin panel or dashboard helps companies in checking and updating their brand. With the help of this feature, you can take all the relevant information related to registered users and tripped detail. You have to create an admin app when developing an app like Uber.

Uber uses what kind of software design or architecture?

Rating is requested after each taxi ride and is a core component of Uber app business logic. The user can observe the upfront pricing of a trip’s fare, which is also based on vehicle type among Uber categories. With his technical acumen and engineering expertise, he continues to overcome tough business challenges by building and scaling creative solutions. Brand Partnerships/Advertising – Uber leverages its large customer base by charging a fee to other businesses to advertise their services and products.

  • Becoming the first & most downloaded food delivery app Venezuela turned possible with our AI-powered platform.
  • Adding new functionality and consistently testing is done in every iteration of production.
  • You should use Ai integrated software to allow users to track the location of the driver.
  • The most widespread implementation of this feature is via social media.
  • Go with a single version or develop iOS and Android applications alongside.

In this case, the screens have to be minimal and present a very clear indication of what the driver’s destination is in any given situation. Driver tipping system – giving a tip is a great way to say ‘Thank you! ’ for an extraordinary service and will help your drivers to stay happy as it allows them to earn more. Trip scheduling – ordering a trip for later sometimes comes very handy, so it’s a good-to-have feature.

Want to build a successful online business?

Aside from integrations, the planning process includes defining other technologies and programming languages. Accordingly, you can use the Swift and Kotlin programming languages for iOS and Android development. As for the app’s backend, you can use several languages, including Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, etc. Messaging – allows for direct communication between a driver and a passenger within your taxi app like Uber. Revenue reports – this feature provides information about drivers’ revenue, allowing them to look up statistics on daily or monthly earnings. Book for others – allow passengers to book rides for friends and relatives without changing their account.

We help you grow your business and develop a loyal customer base by developing high-quality applications for web platforms, iOS, and Android. There’s a direct correlation between a set of features and an app’s overall cost. As previously mentioned, an app can have any number of features ranging from the basic to some advanced ones.

Features to have in your Rider app

In a nutshell, what these stats indicate is a shift in the way people are moving around places. The rising population continues to eat away the open spaces in urban cities. With worsening traffic conditions and parking spaces going full in no time, more and more car owners are turning to on-demand taxi services for convenient travel. In light of this scenario, it’s fair to say that the future of the ride-hailing industry looks bright and promising. Leverage the technology-driven characteristics of our smart bundled software. Get exclusively brewed solutions for your on-demand uber like app business.

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